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We're excited to present our latest gallery of recent works from our recent travels to Taos, New Mexico, Sunset Crater, Arizona, Big Bear Lake and San Marino, California.

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New Works: November 2010

Boundary (042)

Taos Trees (043)

Taos Treasure (044)

Miles from Nowhere (ART007)

Surreal Landscape (040)

Pink Lily (039)

Chili Peppers to Go (041)

Marshland Grasses (037)

Rest Stop (047)

Twists and Turns (ART005)

Midnight Mass (ART009)

Blue Dragon (061)

Forest Clearing (048)

Bark Macro (062)

Crater Creature (051)

Panning for Gold (ART006)

Sunset Crater (056)

Rock Macro (054)

Architexture (058)