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Abstract in Nature

Introducing Nancy Roux Photography's "Mini Series", an organic collection of macro studies featuring some of God's most amazing textures. The series is a radical departure from the oversized, vividly-colored works for which NRP is so well known. The flowing lines and understated pastels in these small wonders are being introduced as small works... 4"x4" and 4"x8"... infused on high-gloss aluminum and mounted above 12"x12", color-coordinated, aluminum gradient backgrounds.

The double-float series also illustrates serendipity at its finest! Strolling back to the car following a disappointing poppy field shoot, we passed a stand of trees on a nearby side street. Without a casual glance in that direction, we likely would have missed them. The waning daylight on peeling bark revealed texture of remarkable detail - and, we shot until we ran out of daylight. The results more than made up for any disappointments in the poppy field!

New Works: Abstract in Nature



Parchment Waves

Montage Detail "C"

Abstract in Nature

Reef I

Reef II