Our 2022 New Years gallery features as assortment of mirror-images and kaleidoscopic works that represent an entirely new paradigm for Nancy Roux Photography.

The Christian faith teaches us that God created the heavens and the Earth - making him the original creator. And, since we were created in his image, we enjoy the gift of creativity as well.

The works in this gallery are referred to as prophetic art... the result of co-creating with God in the person of the Holy Spirit. They originated as abstract photographs (my great passion!) and took on a life of their own under what I can only describe as "spiritual supervision". It's a thrilling experience and I typically have no idea how a particular work of art will turn out... until we get there. I'm constantly fascinated by outcome of rotating and combining kaleidoscoptic components. There's no way to predict what will appear where two edges meet. And, no two kaleidoscopes are alike.

It is our hope that they touch, move and inspire you on a deep spiritual level of your own!

All works of art are reproduced on demand and are available in a variety of sizes on fine art gallery-wrapped canvas or infused on high-gloss aluminum. Contact us for size, price and availability.

New Works, New Year: 2022

"Antique Blue and Lace"

"My Happy Place"

"Garden Maze"

DETAIL: Garden Maze

"Glimpse of Heaven"

DETAIL: Glimpse of Heaven

"Nature's Bounty"



"Sweet Confection"

"Southwest Spirit"

"Ancient Portal"

DETAIL: Ancient Portal

"Cats of the Round Table"


DETAIL: Harmony

"Under the Dome"

"Cave Dwellers"