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New Works

What a year! From extended drought through Spring and Summer posing a threat in Southern California, to drenching rains in the early Winter months - water seemed to be on our minds. We went in search of (and, captured) an abundance of "water works" expressing the beauty of water in nature. From the mesmerizing surf off of San Clemente Pier, to the wineries of Temecula to the San Diego Botanical Gardens in Encinitas, California, water and water-related subjects abound.

We even found a little ocean motion frozen in time in the most unlikely of places... the southern California desert!

And, topping it off - a triple-float, high-gloss metal abstract, "Splash!", which captures the explosive character of liquid in motion. Contact us for availability and pricing of this exciting limited edition work!





"Golden Shore II"


"Fountain Dance"

"Feathered Wader"

"Water Lilies II"

"Desert Surf"