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Spring 2015
We celebrate the new year with new works... and an exciting new process! Althrough each of these works began life as photograph, our new technique gives us the ability to transform each into a one-of-a kind, abstract work of art.

As with all our works, these new pieces will be available in a variety of sizes and finishes. We plan to initially introduce them as smaller works infused on aluminum at the 2015 Indian Wells Arts Festival.

We're also excited to be introducing a brand new line of mantelpiece-sized tabletop works showcased within custom-crafted display stands made of various woods and metal components. This gallery gives you a "sneak peek" at two of our new designs!

Here's hoping you enjoy the sweeping movement and dynamic colors of our new Spring 2015 abstracts. Please Contact Us for pricing and availabliliy.

Spring 2015 Gallery Cover

"Magnolia Pods"

"All Thumbs"

"In A Dream"


"Emerald City"

"God's Pinwheel"

"Tidepool Eddy"

"Marina Pacifica"


Tabletop Display (Prototype)

Tabletop Display (Prototype)