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Mantelpiece Works By Nancy Roux

Mantelpiece Works are select works of photographic art infused on high-gloss aluminum and suspended within one of Nancy Roux's original tabletop display designs.

Available in three distinctive formats (square, 2:1 and 3:2 panoramic), Limited Edition Mantelpiece Works are custom-constructed by the artist herself and customized to your specific preference: single- or double-sided, displays painted in your choice of neutral satin-finish colors, and embellished with your choice of stainless steel or glass elements.

Mantelpiece Works are Nancy Roux's exclusive design and can only be purchased directly from the artist. Contact us for sizes, selling price and complete information.



"Strange Faces in Strange Places"

"Morning Vision"


"God's Pinwheel"

"Stream Gems"

"Nature's Tapestry"

"Canyon Cascade"

"God's Canvas"