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"Strange Faces in Strange Places"

"Strange Faces in Strange Places"

This is our only "double-float" Mantelpiece Work to date. It features three 4"x4" macro studies floating 1/2-inch above a 5" x 15" background image.

The artwork was created from macro photography from a series of one-inch iridescent glass mosaic tiles. To my surprise and delight, resulting images bore more than a passing resemblance to abstract faces!

The background image shows an unmistakable eye in profile along the left side, and the three featured floating faces uniquely represent states of 'confusion', 'suspicion' and 'indifference'. The handcrafted frame is embellished with a polished and sealed steel rod and sphere, which provides both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity to the frame.

The finished artwork indeed proves that strange faces indeed do show up in the strangest of places!