A Year of Isolation Yields an Abundance of New Work

2020 provided ample dowtime to shoot and create lots of new work!

Over the past year, we have allowed ourselves weekly day trips to sparsely visited coastal locales (masked and socially distanced, of course!) which yielded a gold mine of new coastal macro photos and texture studies. Many of these new images were abstracted and developed into intriguing abstract digital artwork using a new technique we developed this past year.

Although our "Awaysolation" days were maintly focused on those areas of coastline considered to be off the beaten track, we also ventured out to the local California mountains and deserts, returning with a landslide of new images - and, a renewed love for the great outdoors.

Artwork is available on canvas or infused on high-gloss metal in a variety of both standard and custom sizes - Contact us for details and pricing.

New Works: Spring 2021


"Tree of Life" (Diptych)

"The Great Flood"

"Balancing Act"



"Tidepool Plateau"

"Teeming with Life"

"Silken Threads"