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Summer 2020

Abstract art fans...! Time to check your perception of reality at the door. Nancy Roux Photography's 2020 "Spring Thaw" revealed some of our wildest, wackiest, way-out-there organic abstracts to date.

The images in this diverse collection originated from geographical destinations both far and wide... from Alaska's Inside Passage to Nevada's Valley of Fire. All began life as conventional photographs before undergoing significant digital transformation.

Many of these new works are being featured this Summer on Cove Gallery Online (formerly Cove Gallery in Laguna Beach, California). Contact us for all the details!

Summer 2020 Gallery

"Storm Before the Calm"

"Frozen in Time"

When Hell Freezes Over"

"Cruel Fate"

"Angel's Flight"


"Molten Motion"


Fjordscape 03"

"Fjordscape 02"

"God's a Magnificent Artist"

"Fjordscape 04"