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New Works: Winter 2012

The new works featured in our Winter 2012 Gallery illustrate a wonderful contradiction in nature - spectacular design clothed in natural simplicity. Here, as in nature, you'll find great diversity in use of color and texture. God's spectacular radial design in Sunflower Macro. Evidence of animal ingenuity in Teamwork. Simplicity and harmony in the monochromatic Asian Pear on Stone. Each striving to impart a delightful contradiction of spectacular simplicity.

Peacock Feathers, Tentacles, Dead of Winter and Crystal Textures are the first of our works to be offered in a 2:1 aspect ratio panoramic format and will be exhibited as 10"x20" panels at our upcoming 2012 art shows.

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Sunflower Macro (107)

Autumn Leaves II (108)

Stash (109)

Hazy Hills II (110)

Crystal Textures (111)

Peacock Feathers (112)

Tentacles (113)

Asian Pear on Stone (114)

Dead of Winter (115)