Each work of art is available for purchase in a variety of sizes and finishes.  We currently exhibit and sell

  • Matted Photographic Prints
  • Gallery-wrapped Canvas
  • Artwork Infused on Aluminum

Custom orders are always welcome!  Contact us if you require a custom treatment or non-standard size.  


Artwork is professionally printed on photographic paper, and then mounted and matted using acid-free, archival-quality materials.  Matted works are displayed in standard sized, cream core, antique white mats - giving you the option of purchasing standard-sized, "off-the-shelf" frames from a local retailer such as Michaels or Aaron Brothers - or, having your artwork custom framed.

Matted Prints (standard sizes, open editions)

  • 5"x7" Print in 8"x10" Mat - $20
  • 8"x12" Print in 12"x16" Mat - $40
  • 9"x14"/11"x14" Print in 16"x20" Mat - $60
  • 12"x18" Print in 18"x24" Mat - $80

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What is a gallery-wrapped canvas?  
Artwork prepared as a gallery-wrapped canvas extends beyond the front facing and wraps around the side edges of the canvas, giving the artwork a clean, contemporary look and eliminating the need for a frame.  Clients who prefer a more finished look may choose to have their canvas installed in a special float frame which is offset from the canvas edges by a small margin to give the illusion of the canvas floating in the frame.

How is a gallery-wrapped canvas made?  
Nancy Roux Photography's original digital file is professionally printed on archival quality Epson canvas and mounted on 1.5"-deep hardwood stretcher bars.  Then, a  special lacquer is applied to the canvas to provide surface UV protection.  Once the canvas is fully dry, a pair of D-hooks, picture wire and rubber bumpers are installed on the back of the artwork making it ready to hang.

Gallery-wrapped Canvas (standard sizes, open editions)

  • 12"x12" (Unframed) - $175
  • 12"x18" (Unframed) - $225
  • 16"x24" (Unframed) - $275
  • 24"x30" (Unframed) - $350
  • 24"x36" (Unframed) - $395

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How is the artwork infused on aluminum?  
This is accomplished using a process known as dye sublimation.  A transfer print is made from one of Nancy Roux Photography's original digital files.  The transfer print is then placed in face-to-face contact with a special sheet of aluminum coated with a special emulsion.  The two elements are then inserted into a special press that uses a heat and pressure process to embed the dyes from the transfer print into the emulsion on the metal.  The resulting artwork imparts amazing clarity, rich color and spectacular detail.  And, because it is impervious to moisture, artwork infused on aluminum is an excellent option for bathroom, kitchen, or day spa decor - any environment where dampness could pose a threat to traditional artwork.

How is it framed?  
Each work of art infused on aluminum is mounted on a special hanger which gives it the illusion of "floating" in front of the wall.  The edges of the artwork are hand-sanded and inked to give the piece a crisp, finished look and to reduce any risk of chipping.  Since aluminum is extremely lightweight, even oversized works of art can be hung on the wall without the weight-related concerns of traditional framed artwork.  For clients who prefer a more conventional look, metals can be professionally framed for an additional charge.

Artwork Infused on Aluminum (standard sizes, open editions)

  • 6"x6" - $45
  • 8"x8" - $60
  • 12"x12" - $95
  • 12"x18" - $145
  • 12"x24" - $245
  • 12"x36" - $345
  • 16"x24" - $325

LIMITED EDITIONS - Call for price.

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